httpd (SSA:2017-180-03)
From: Slackware Security Team <>
Subject: [slackware-security] httpd (SSA:2017-180-03)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:34:52 -0700 (PDT)

Hash: SHA1

[slackware-security] httpd (SSA:2017-180-03)

New httpd packages are available for Slackware 13.0, 13.1, 13.37, 14.0, 14.1,
14.2, and -current to fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/httpd-2.4.26-i586-1_slack14.2.txz: Upgraded.
This update fixes security issues which may lead to an authentication bypass
or a denial of service:
important: ap_get_basic_auth_pw() Authentication Bypass CVE-2017-3167
important: mod_ssl Null Pointer Dereference CVE-2017-3169
important: mod_http2 Null Pointer Dereference CVE-2017-7659
important: ap_find_token() Buffer Overread CVE-2017-7668
important: mod_mime Buffer Overread CVE-2017-7679
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

Where to find the new packages:

Thanks to the friendly folks at the OSU Open Source Lab
( for donating FTP and rsync hosting
to the Slackware project! :-)

Also see the "Get Slack" section on for
additional mirror sites near you.

Updated package for Slackware 13.0:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 13.0:

Updated package for Slackware 13.1:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 13.1:

Updated package for Slackware 13.37:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 13.37:

Updated package for Slackware 14.0:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 14.0:

Updated package for Slackware 14.1:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 14.1:

Updated package for Slackware 14.2:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 14.2:

Updated package for Slackware -current:

Updated package for Slackware x86_64 -current:

MD5 signatures:

Slackware 13.0 package:
3f00c09d7f7fc679c60edea24aa2e24f httpd-2.2.32-i486-1_slack13.0.txz

Slackware x86_64 13.0 package:
398ee8c9e198e6f87dafa12092f52681 httpd-2.2.32-x86_64-1_slack13.0.txz

Slackware 13.1 package:
6c07977ed9799064aef4ac18f9b45df1 httpd-2.2.32-i486-1_slack13.1.txz

Slackware x86_64 13.1 package:
3a80ee6b2d459fe3b49476b205fa1472 httpd-2.2.32-x86_64-1_slack13.1.txz

Slackware 13.37 package:
ff470f6bbeb553d55a083ce023340dfd httpd-2.2.32-i486-1_slack13.37.txz

Slackware x86_64 13.37 package:
65e42ac5f38385c935fdf6937d52e44e httpd-2.2.32-x86_64-1_slack13.37.txz

Slackware 14.0 package:
145ed3cb94caf035f2399eede0ef05e3 httpd-2.4.26-i486-1_slack14.0.txz

Slackware x86_64 14.0 package:
9e48513a5508757dd856309dd7bc86ec httpd-2.4.26-x86_64-1_slack14.0.txz

Slackware 14.1 package:
8ddfb545db9fd25ce9a8c25f468c93d1 httpd-2.4.26-i486-1_slack14.1.txz

Slackware x86_64 14.1 package:
48dcd26874858ce96d83b102e8117877 httpd-2.4.26-x86_64-1_slack14.1.txz

Slackware 14.2 package:
c5e9b0490d7c2dc29c04e288956ea3e6 httpd-2.4.26-i586-1_slack14.2.txz

Slackware x86_64 14.2 package:
1947fc3942e8716580c84cbd92c42329 httpd-2.4.26-x86_64-1_slack14.2.txz

Slackware -current package:
231eee45f432bb10e8edd51d03cde20c n/httpd-2.4.26-i586-1.txz

Slackware x86_64 -current package:
2326f05f1e51895956b419d682122cdd n/httpd-2.4.26-x86_64-1.txz

Installation instructions:

Upgrade the package as root:
# upgradepkg httpd-2.4.26-i586-1_slack14.2.txz

Then, restart Apache httpd:

# /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd stop
# /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd start


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